Friday, November 7, 2014

The New Dark Age

A couple months ago a friend pointed me to Dr. Albert Mohler's "The Briefing," which is a daily podcast of current news and events from a Christian worldview.  You can listen to it from his website here.  It's only about 20 minutes and I listen while I'm doing things around the house.  Today's broadcast cited a new study that just came out conducted by Ligonier Ministries and LifeWay Research.   The study clearly shows how Americans at large, and in particular self-proclaimed Evangelical Protestants are overwhelmingly unbiblical in much of their theology.  Dr. Mohler said "confusion" is the best word to describe it.  

We are in a new Dark Age.  Not because we can't read the Bible, but because we pick and choose what we believe from the Bible and interpret it as we see fit.  There is such a need to learn and teach sound doctrine.  (p.s. go here if the print below is too tiny for you to read-sorry.)

Monday, October 27, 2014

Why I'm Thankful that I Lose it Sometimes

When I was in junior high I remember one of my teachers, Coach Torres, making me stand up at the front of class.  He called me "Miss Perfect" and mocked me.  I don't know (or don't remember) what prompted this but it happened several times.   The persona stuck through high school.  I was a growing Christian, but it made me stumble because the label made me feel that I needed to act a certain way and follow certain rules.  When I successfully followed rules it was easy (and natural) to attribute it to myself.  I liked rules because they were safe and weren't hard for me to follow.  I was missing the meaning of God's grace, therefore I couldn't show it to others.  If someone messed up I was's not that hard to be good-I'm doing it.

Even back in high school I realized my proclivity to be a Pharisee.  It's easier and feels more natural to be a Pharisee than a true Christian.  It's easier to follow a checklist of black-and-white laws.  Works-based salvation is alluring to a people-pleasing rule-lover like me.  When I meet expectations it's ME who did it.  Go me ("me" is one of Karl's favorite words right now-he reminds me of my natural bent to exalting myself every day.) True Christianity is like taking a giant step off a cliff every day.  Sometimes you feel like you're just going to fall with that first step.  But regardless of how hopeless it looks and feels, the Holy Spirit, through God's grace, supports and carries you to the other side.  (Faith is not about feeling secure.)  It's scary to fully relinquish control to the Holy Spirit to guide you.  Some areas of life are harder than others to let go of (like parenting for me-and my oldest is only 2-ha.)  Sometimes you stay hovered on the cliff so that you feel like you're in control until God causes an earthquake to get you stepping out in faith.  When you get to the other side you feel like an idiot for not stepping out sooner--until you have to do it again.  Especially when you're crossing pretty much the same bridge for the fifth time.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

5 Things You Should Teach Your Kids about Science

Jesse has subscribed to "Popular Science" for several years.  While I was teaching high school science I sometimes had students write summaries on articles for extra credit.  As with most magazines, we realize it has a secular humanism, pro-evolution bias.  Usually the bias doesn't directly attack Christianity.  Sadly, this month's edition did.

Popular Science's September 2014 issue cover
See their website here.
The front of the magazine reads, "Nerd Fight!  Bill Nye Will Save Science in America-or Go Down Swinging."  As you can see, next to these words is a picture of Bill Nye (yes, the "science guy") with his hands bandaged and fists up for a fight.  The article is referring to the recent debate at the Creation Museum outside of Cincinnati, Ohio, between Bill Nye and Ken Ham.  If you follow this blog then you know that I watched this debate.  It wasn't perfect, but Ham presented the gospel so the ultimate objective was achieved.

Why should we be concerned about the cover of a science magazine?

Because it clearly reveals the formal position of "science" in our culture:  blatantly anti-Christian.  This is hard proof that the secular humanists that write textbooks and magazines are not unbiased or neutral as many like to believe; they are fighting against the existence of God. (As demonstrated by Bill Nye's fists.)  There is no such thing as neutral, even in math and science.  If you thought that the science your third grader was learning was neutral and "God-friendly," consider this your wake-up call (or punch.)

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Walker Quiet Book

Last Monday (the 21st) Karl turned two years old!  The weekend before his birthday we went on a train ride with him to celebrate.  Jesse's parents were able to come along too.  Karl is SO much fun.  His personality shines through a little more every day, and I think it's a lot like Jesse's.  He likes things orderly and he wants to understand how things work.  He likes dance parties in the kitchen, playing in water, doing puzzles, eating twizzlers and making messes.  He is a toddler.  Thanks to EC, he is almost completely potty trained.  He takes off his diaper and runs to the potty and goes all on his own!

We finally turned him to face forward for our train trip.  

Showing his birthday card that played "Who Let the Dogs Out" to the little girl behind us

For his second birthday I made Karl a quiet book.  I can't exactly remember how I got the idea, but I'm guessing I saw it on a blog that I follow.  And if I made one, you could too.

This was a lot of work.  As you can see from the cover, it is the WALKER quiet book.  Not the KARL quiet book.  I do not plan on making another book-it really is that much work.  I may add more pages over the years, but that's it.

I am not a crafty person.  I try, but I don't have a natural knack for creating beautiful things (like my mother-in-law.)  I taught myself to crochet via YouTube videos so I could replay the video multiple (as in hundreds of) times.  I skipped home economics in high school thinking it was a blow-off class.  My mom and MIL sewed clothes for their children.  On the couple skirts I've sewn, I used fabric glue for places the thread missed.  I am no Caroline Ingalls.  All this is to say, again, if I made one, you could too.

Despite the work, I am thankful that I made this book because:
  1. It helped me learn my sewing machine and to better sew
  2. It was fun to be creative with making some of the pages
  3. It will keep the kids quiet and entertained (hopefully)
  4. It teaches Biblical principles and character qualities
  5. It is educational (well, some of it is)
  6. It's a fun keepsake

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Disney Wedding and Disney World with 2 under 2

Last month we went to a Disney World wedding!  Congrats Megan and Erik!!!  It truly was magical.  

We weren't able to check into our hotel and pick up our stroller before the wedding because of flight delays (I changed and did hair/makeup on the bus from the airport) so I ended up holding Maggie most of the evening, which correlates to not a lot of picture-taking.  But it was a lot of fun and so special because of the couple and because it's Disney!!


The couple had pictures taken around Magic Kingdom two days after their wedding.  They had to be there really early in the morning before the park opened.
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